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Tanya Kilitkayalı cooks "Wild Asparagus Arachini" with Tas Degirmen Olive Oil

Sponsored by our very own Tas Degirmen Olive Oil, this week's "Mutfaktayık" (We're in the Kitchen) Show, hosted MasterChef's Tanya Kilitkayalı and Ugur Yılmaz. The couple cooked "Wild Asparagus Aranchini" with Tas Degirmen Olive Oil, a recipe inspired from Cyprus's traditional delicacy 'ayrelli' /wild asparagus. The taste and appearance of the food during the enjoyable shootings impressed the team.

In the show, we learned many tricks such as how to break off wild asparaus and how to cook it to achieve a smoother taste.

Click on the link below to watch the show...

"Mutfaktayık" Show is produced by Gıynık Media Group and Bilbay Eminoglu, directed by Ali Atamer and hosted by Derya Atamer.

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