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Local Grape Spirit 'Zivaniya'

& Grape Products

From the heart of Cyprus

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The Story of Zivaniya

Zivaniya (Turkish: Zivaniya, Greek: ζιβανία, ζιβάνα) is a traditional Cypriot pomace brandy produced from the distillation of grape pomace. Zivaniya is a colourless alcoholic spirit, with a light aroma of raisins and a typical alcohol content value of 45%.​

Served ice cold, zivaniya is consumed by Cypriots throughout the year. Zivaniya is typically served with dried nuts, grape sujuk, grape kofter or small appetizers like Cypriot tsamarella (dry salted goats meat) and pastırma (spicy sausage).

Although it is unknown when zivaniya was first produced in Cyprus, some believe that the method of producing zivania,  was brought to Cyprus by monks of Mount Athos in the 15th century, while others believe that zivaniya has been produced in Cyprus since the time the Republic of Venice ruled the island, around the end of the 15th century. There is also evidence of its continued production during Ottoman and British rule of the island. Today, zivaniya is a sought after traditional spirit by Cypriots and visitors of the island

Our Product Line

EZKOOP offers  superior quality, sustainable grape products thanks to continous training and strict supervision on quality standards throughout the production processes.


ALAF Zivaniya

Premium Cyprus Spirit

Product Range

Premium Cyprus Spirit 'Zivaniya' (45% alchohol) presented in  250ml500ml, 750ml, glass bottles


EZKOOP Sultani

Fresh Sultana Grapes

Product Range

Seedless fresh 'sultana' grapes from the Karpaz region of Cyprus



EZKOOP Grape Delicacies

Premium Grape Sucuk & Köfter

Premium traditional grape 'sucuk' and 'köfter' stuffed with almonds or walnuts,  presented in 500gr and 1kg packages.  

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