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5 Perfect Mezes for Zivaniya

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

If you were ever wondering what zivaniya is best served with, here are the 5 top mezes (appetizers) Cypriots like to consume with their ice cold zivaniya.

Photo Source: Yenidüzen Gazetesi


A much loved grape delicacy 'grape sujuk', is a traditional sweet made from almonds or walnuts threaded onto a string and dipped in thickened grape juice and dried in the shape of a sausage. Grape sucuk is usually considerd the most favorite sweet meze served with zivaniya.


Made from thickened grape juice, grape köfter is very similar to grape sujuk, with the only difference that it does not contain any dried nuts and its poured and dried on a flat surface, then cut into rectangular pieces. Just like grape sucuk, köfter is one of the favorite sweet mezes that is presented on the side for zivaniya.


Another traditional favorite this time savoury, served by zivaniya is samarella, in other words, salted cured goat's meat. Samarella is often mentioned side by side with zivania and is a very sought after traditional Cypriot meze.


Pastırma is a dry, spicy and fermented sausage made from ground beef meat and a mixture of garlic and spices. Widely consumed in Cyprus as a hot appetiser, pastırma is considered as one of the most favored savoury delicacies, presented on the side with zivaniya.


Last but not least, almonds, served dry or wet, is one of the most common nuts found in Cyprus and is a widely preferred meze, served at the meyhane (traditional meze restaurants) or on the side with zivaniya.

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